Dear EG'ers:

Attention, please.

This letter is to all past EG attendees and presenters, and to the many more wannabe's.

Everyone seems to be asking about the next EG, especially in challenging times. Here is your answer:

Registration is now open at

There you will also find quick links to session videos (sincere thanks to TED & and photos (thanks to our many wonderful photographers). These will bring back many smiles. Asa Mathat's gorgeous photo galleries are beginning to come online.


Registration will close on Feb 14 (Valentine's Day).

There is, of course, just a bit more . . .

First: response to EG has been unbelievably enthusiastic. If you were there, you know firsthand the magic of those three days. EG blossoms in ways one can never predict, it never fails to leave vivid memories, and all of us were fortunate to be part of it. If anything, the struggle to pull together amid uncertain times gave us all the more reason to savor, with extra intensity, the specialness of the terrific people and indelible moments at EG. I've attached some of the feedback below so that you may know the sort of thing I hear every day. Many of you told us you preferred a date after the holidays (not crunching into Christmas), so we've shifted things into January. Thank you for taking time to let us know.

Second (and if you were at EG'08, you know this): You are EG. You have urged us to continue it. But EG is a fledgling. It is fragile. It is perishable. And it exists in a unique "zone" unlike almost any other gathering. It is not an established juggernaut (like TED, or the WEF); nor is it a meeting coupled to an obvious business arena (like Walt & Kara's "D:", or a medical conference, or a typical corporate "glom"). EG's place in the world is most personal, intimate, inspiring and rare. Think of it as a young, perky startup. It doesn't suffer from overcrowding or rubbernecking. It's like that fabulous restaurant before it was discovered. What a wonderfully fresh stage to be at. We don't really market EG: it grows by word of mouth — ours, and yours. And this is not a time of worldly growth. Many face difficult and even tragic struggles. But it is a time when the world desperately needs more of the sort of energy that lights up EG. Many of you have asked how to help move EG forward, and have asked us to help you by providing easier ways to bring friends and loved ones. Accordingly, when you register, you'll see an early-bird special. If you have attended a past EG, you will see that you together with a few friends can save several thousand dollars. (Or you can waive the discount and simply register for the normal $4k fee). You'll figure it out. If you have already committed to Jane or myself, you do have "dibs" but you must register online now.

Third: if you were a presenter at EG'08, you are invited to return, gratis, but: you must reply to Jane Rosch ( immediately to secure your seat. And by all means, invite your friends to register with your name as a reference so they can enjoy the discount.

And if you have never attended EG before, it may feel a bit like "musical chairs." Places are only available on a first-come, first-served basis — and in your case, only after past attendees and presenters and their friends have claimed their dibs. 350 seats are available. Nearly 75 people re-upped on the spot at EG'08. Registration closes in less than two weeks. At a later date, if there are any remaining seats, they may be available at the usual $4k rate. So register now, but please understand that your place can only be confirmed after the prior attendees have been processed. Good luck.

EG draws out the kind of persistent, infectious genius that lifts us all, and propels us through life's toughest problems. Nobody who was at EG 07 or 08 will ever forget the laughter — and tears — of Jonathan Winters; or the glow of Josh Bell's Bach; or the joy of Jacques d'Amboise; or Nicholas, or young Gabi, or the exquisite magic of Jamy Ian Swiss, or the calligraphy of Donald Jackson; or Miru's haunting self-portraits, or Teller's thoughtful virtuosity, or Mike Rowe's career advice, or Marvin's mind control, or Mrs. Wozniak's birthday (accompanied by Cameron Carpenter) . . . or so many other moments of a lifetime.

On behalf of everyone who brings EG to life — our small staff who work so hard, the incredible presenters who give so much and so freely, and all of us who commit our attention — thank you for being a part of this community.

And on a joyful note, Greg & Liz recently posted the Mozart they premiered at EG. Gosh, how elegant, smart, sexy and uplifting can music possibly be? We are proud to know them.

Please contact me directly with any questions, and if you have special registration needs, write to Jane Rosch (

And please share this with the people you most want to be a part of EG. The date may be a year off, but registration is right now. I will send you an update after Valentine's Day.

Michael Hawley, eg Director
EG: 101 3rd Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

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